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Route 40 Foundation emerges as a social enterprise within a highly traveling family. For years, its members traveled through Argentina's stunning landscapes, they got to know the communities that inhabited them and the warmth of their people; They learned about their values and customs and their way of life.


Over time, these visits became a commitment as the organization was created. Over the months, many more people joined, as volunteers or donors, making this project grow. The spirit of Fundación Ruta 40 is to support education along the backbone of the country and, while we walk towards this horizon, all of us grow as people.

Our beliefs

We believe in education as the backbone of the development of a person and their community.

We believe that the strengthening of rural schools will promote equal educational opportunities and that a better education is reflected in a better society.

We believe in the need of generating links between those who can/want to help and those who really need it.

We believe in the need for cooperation and the potential of interactions.

We believe in listening to the needs of schools and maximizing their own resources.

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Executive team

Josefina Devoto.jpg

Executive Director

Josefina Devoto

Paula Ayerza.jpg

Program Development

Paula Ayerza



Clara Federico.jpg
Mariana Gallo.jpg

Institutional Development

Clara Federico


Mariana Gallo

Soledad Garcia Cabello 1.jpg

Program Development

Soledad G. Cabello


WhatsApp Image 2023-04-11 at 10.09.37.jpeg

Pedagogical Advisor

Maria Podesta

Board of Directors

Silvia Torres Carbonell
Hernan Torres Carbonell
Andres Torres Carbonell
Mariana Lopez Anadon

Federico Falcon
Francis White
Diego Descotte

Paula Torres Carbonell

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